Festival Weddings Invites

Festival Weddings Invites - Below is a quick video I made of some of the designs I have worked on over the past few months, I thought it might be a quicker way of showcasing some of the designs until I can get around to posting all of the photos of the various festival weddings invites and wedding stationery I [...]

Festival Weddings Galore at WEDFEST

Its been an extremely busy 2 months at WEDFEST.co and I havent got to post as much as I would have liked I have so many new festival wedding designs to show you all and the artwork has just been getting better and better but here is a sneek peak of whats to come in the next few weeks, some [...]

Festival Themed Wedding Lanyards

Below is a set of festival themed wedding lanyards I created for a couple who are getting married soon and are having a wedfest themed wedding. They had festival ticket themed wedding invitations and are having a festival themed table plan but by far the best part of their wedding stationery is these festival style lanyards. The lanyards have all the information [...]