Festival Style Stag Do Party Wristbands

Festival themed Stag Party Wristbands & Accessories If you follow this website you will know we make wristbands for all occasions, from weddings to festivals, events to hen parties and everything in between. But when we had a look back over the site we noticed not all of our Stag Party Wristbands have been showcased up here. We started off [...]

Celebrating your Birthday Party in Lockdown

How to throw a lockdown birthday party If there’s one thing that lockdown has taught us, it’s how to be resourceful when it comes to having fun. Friday nights down the local have morphed into dial-in quizzes, we’ve blushed our way through one too many virtual hen parties, and we’ve yelled “you’re on mute!” more times than we’ve stepped outside. [...]

GLASTHENBURY Custom Hen Party Wristbands

GLASTHENBURY Customised Hen Party Wristbands Will we get to go to festivals this summer?? Who knows!! One thing is for sure the show must go on! So if you are getting married you are probably already considering having your Hen Party in your back garden, in your kitchen, in your living room or in a tent! Many of you (probably [...]

Lockdown Themed Birthday Cards

Covid Coronavirus Lockdown Birthday Cards There is a title I wouldn't have thought i'd have heard of, never mind be writing a blog about, a year ago!! It is around this time last year that the world first started hearing rumblings of this Covid Corona thing and now fast forward a year we are all in lockdown and yes we [...]

WEDROCK Rock n Roll Wedding Festival Wristbands

WEDROCK Rock n Roll Wedding Wristband Favours For those about to WEDROCK!! The first of our new products this year is these awesome WEDROCK Wedding Wristbands for Rock n Roll Bride & Grooms and Festival Themed Weddings. Following up on our generic WEDFEST, WEDSTOCK & Our Wedding Day Festival wedding wristbands we introduce the latest generic wedding wristbands to the [...]

XMAS FEST Festival Christmas Party Wristbands & VIP Pass Lanyards

XMASFEST Lockdown Christmas Party Wristbands & VIP Pass Lanyards Well it has been a year hasn't it! But the end is in sight and now we can turn our attention to hopefully enjoying Christmas with friends and family. After the success of our HOMEFEST Festival Party at Home festival wristbands and vip lanyards over the summer months we wanted to [...]

Coronavirus Covid Themed Christmas Cards

Corona virus Covid-19 Lockdown Pandemic Themed Christmas Cards What a year it has been!! We havent posted much on here this year due to being really busy / having no idea whats going / not sure whether we are coming or going / being crazy busy and many other things that have turned the year 2020 into one of the [...]

Rock n Roll Bride Live Photos

Rock n Roll Bride Live Photos from the Event If you seen our early post about our trip to Rock N Roll Bride Live at Hackney Town Hall in London, you will have got a glimpse at the awesome day we had at the event and a look at some of our work and a few of the other vendors on [...]

HOME FEST Festival Party VIP Pass Lanyards

HOMEFEST Festival Party Lanyards On one of our most recent posts you may have seen we launched a range of HOMEFEST festival party wristbands for everyone having parties at home in the form of mini festivals, stay at home parties, birthday parties etc. Of course in the time we are in they are also perfect for everyone having virtual festivals, [...]

HOMEFEST Festival at Home Party Wristbands

HOMEFEST Stay at Home Festival Party Wristbands If you read our last post about having Festival at Home Party you may have seen the photos of the HOMEFEST Festival Party Wristbands we have just launched, well on this blog we are going to have a closer look at them. So our Festival at Home blog was discussing various ideas about [...]

Festival Themed Birthday Party at Home

Throw a Festival Themed Party at Home Celebrating your birthday at home with a mini festival style birthday party is OBVIOUSLY a great idea... and if you are reading this during this current covid-19 pandemic lockdown then it is an even BETTER idea! Just because we have to stay at home does not mean we cannot have fun, and definitely [...]

Corporate Event Wristbands

Business and Corporate Event Wristbands Do wristbands have a place in the corporate world? Wristbands are a great tool to track admissions at festivals, parties or other such social events, but is there any place for them in the corporate world? Yes, of course there is. Customised event wristbands are gaining popularity with many businesses for a diverse range of [...]