Pricing / How it works / Design Process

We like to keep things very simple here at Wedfest so this is how we work…

  1. Have a look through all our amazing work and have a think about what type of stationery / designs you are interested in.
  2. Get in touch with us here by filling out our contact form and let us know what type of stationery / designs you are interested in. You can choose from one of our many pre existing designs or have something designed totally bespoke to your needs, whatever you want just let us know.
  3. Pricing & Costs: As we are offering a bespoke design service and every customers order is different and specific to their particular needs, we work out a specific quote for each customers order individually based on exactly what you need, we can work this out for you once we know what you need.
  4. We will then reply to you with a quote for the work / further questions about what what you want to order. Please give as much information as possible to begin with so we can get a good idea of what you need. (For wedding invitation numbers remember you only need to send one per couple not one invite for each wedding guest. For example if you have 100 wedding day guests and 50 evening guests you would only need around 60 day invites / 20-30 evening invites, not 100 day and 50 evening invites.)
  5. If you would like to make an order, once we agree on a price for the work to be done we can get you booked in and set a date to start working on the stationery.
  6. When we start the design process we will send you artwork proofs via email to look at / make changes / sign off for going to print. The customer has full responsibility for making sure all the spelling and details on any stationery are correct before going to print, once the artworks are sent to print there is no going back, so please double, triple and quadruple check all spelling and details.
  7. Once the artwork has been signed off on we will get it sent to print / manufacture and get it posted out to you once its ready.
  8. Sit back and enjoy all the compliments from your wedding guests at how amazing your wedding stationery is.
  9. Have a great Wedding Day!

So that is pretty much it… click here to get started….



Q: Where can we find information on pricing / costs?

A: As every customers order is different and specific to their particular needs, we work out a specific quote for each customers order individually which we can tell you once we know what you need. For the generic hen party and wedding wristbands they can be bought directly in our shop section. For wedding invitations, table plans, custom wristbands / lanyards, thank you cards and all other products etc. please fill in our contact form with as much detail as possible regarding what you need / want and we will reply to you with a quote for the work. Click here to get a customised quote.

Q: Are we able to customise our own design?

A: Yes all designs are fully customisable or we can design something specific to what you want.

Q: We love one of your invite designs, but can we change the colours / text etc. to suit our wedding?

A: Yes of course all designs can be fully customised.

Q: We have an idea but cant see anything similar on your website, can you design it?

A: Certainly get in touch and tell us your idea and we will try and bring it to life.

Q: We love your invitations but don’t want it to say Wedfest/Wedstock or whatever as the title can we change it?

A: You can have your invites say any title / headline that you want, just let us know.

Q: How long does it take to organise stationery / invitations?

A: At all times we are extremely busy and working on a schedule of jobs for customers, we generally prioritise jobs that are needed sooner but customers who order early also get on the to-do list quicker. Design to print to delivery usually takes a week but at busy times it might be a week or two before we can start your artwork depending on the work load. The sooner you get in touch and place your order the sooner we can get working on it and get it to you, so please order as early / as far in advance as possible.

Q: Can you change the designs to suit a birthday party or other occasion?

A: All products can be changed to suit birthdays / Parties and any sort of events, just ask.

Q: Is there a minimum order for products?

A: Generally there is a minimum order of around 50 for personalised invites, personalised wristbands and lanyards etc. just to make things cost effective for both us and the customer. Of course this is all dependant on budgets and what exactly is entailed in each job so please get in touch to discuss in detail.

Q: What countries do you deliver to?

A: We deliver worldwide and have customers in every corner of the world, if there is a delivery service we will get it to you.

Q: Can we design our own wristbands and lanyards or is it just the designs on the site?

A: As mentioned before all products can be customised to suit your needs.


Q: How long do the generic Wedfest and Hen Party Wristbands take to make?

A: The generic Wedfest and hen party wristbands and lanyards are already pre made and ready to sent out any day.