Vintage Ticket Style Wedding Invites

Vintage Ticket Style Wedding Invites - Here is a few photos showcasing some of the vintage style ticket wedding invitations we made last year for a couple who wanted some ticket style wedding invites but with more of a vintage / antique feel to them. antique vintage wedding invites The wedding invites featured a colour scheme of mainly creams [...]

Custom Personalised Wristbands are great for Weddings and other Festive Occasions

Custom Personalised Wristbands Custom wristbands are an extremely popular accessory amongst our customers. There are a variety of reasons for which people use these fun and exciting wristbands and the list seems to keep growing and growing. This love of festival and fabric wristbands has long been a trend and one that has lately taken off and creating quite a buzz on [...]

Joint 18th & 21st Festival Birthday Party Invites & Wristbands

Joint 18th & 21st Festival Birthday Party Invites & Wristbands - Last year we made these awesome Festival themed Birthday Party Invites and Festival Wristbands for two brothers called Matt and James who were having a joint 21st and 18th birthday party and if a joint party wasn't enough they were super sizing it and throwing their own mini festival [...]

Fabric Wristbands for Events / Weddings / Parties

Fabric Wristbands for Events / Weddings / Parties We make lots of event wristbands here at WEDFEST and they are not limited to being on for weddings.  We regularly make wristbands for all sorts of events such as corporate events and business events, birthday parties, bar & bat mitzvahs, hen parties and stag doo's and much more. fabric wristbands [...]

Festival Themed 40th Birthday Party Invites

Festival Themed Forty Fest Birthday Party Invites As well as festival weddings WEDFEST also supplies stationery for all sorts of events such as birthday parties, corporate events, bar / bat mitzvahs and all types of celebrations. This is a Festival Themed Birthday Party Invite for a lady who was celebrating her 40th Birthday by having her own mini festival and she needed some [...]

Festival Themed 50th Birthday Party

Festival Themed 50th Birthday Party - Tony got in contact with me a few months back looking for me to create him some festival themed birthday invites and festival wristbands for his upcoming 50th Birthday which was going to be a mini-festival in his garden. The name of the festival was straight forward - TONEFEST. Other than that and details Tony [...]

Vintage Ticket Birthday Party Invitations

Vintage Ticket Birthday Party Invitations - Its not just wedding invites we make here at WEDFEST! These invitations were for a joint birthday party back in June. The party was celebrating a Father and Daughter's milestone birthdays. The 21st Birthday for the Daughter Georgia and the 50th Birthday for the Father Stuart. When I was contacted to create the birthday [...]

Festival Themed Birthday Party

Festival Birthday Party - I was contacted back in March by the lady behind the amazing website looking for some festival themed stationery for her upcoming birthday party which she was having in festival theme. For the birthday party she wanted to send out festival style VIP lanyards which would serve as both an invitation and a programme of [...]

Festival Ticket Birthday Invites

Festival Ticket Birthday Invites - As well as wedding invitations the festival ticket invites are also available for Birthday Invitations or invitations for any type of event. I have designed many festival themed birthday invitations and the designs work perfectly for anyone planning on holding their own mini festival to celebrate a big birthday. Below is an example of a [...]