Festival Themed 50th Birthday Party – Tony got in contact with me a few months back looking for me to create him some festival themed birthday invites and festival wristbands for his upcoming 50th Birthday which was going to be a mini-festival in his garden. The name of the festival was straight forward – TONEFEST. Other than that and details Tony left the design to me.

festival birthday party

For the invite I designed it in a festival poster style and printed them as A5 cards. The invitation features a large logo at the top stating TONEFEST. Above this I wrote a line saying – “Celebrating 50 years of Rock’n’Roll – now the fun starts!” In the background I had a speaker woofer in place of the sun and had lots of sun rays and laser beams shooting out of it. The main bulk of the design featured a festival audience dancing and partying with their hands in the air and one main character sitting up out of the crowd with his arms stretched in the air – this of course is represent the main man Tony himself.

festival themed birthday party invites

The details and text for the party were then place over the top of the people in large white writing stating all the details such as LIVE BAND, DJ SET, BAR etc and at the very bottom the date of the birthday party and the location. On the reverse side there was a detailed description of the party and directions, times and all the usual information.

TONEFEST festival poster birthday party invitations

For the day of the party I made Tony festival style VIP birthday wristbands for each of his guests. These featured the name of the event as the centre of the wristband and VIP and the birthday party date on either end.

festival birthday party wristbands invites


The design and colours came straight from the birthday invite design and i jazzed it up a bit introducing some squares of colour and also featuring the silhouette of the crowd from the invitations.

VIP festival wristbands

These festival themed birthday invites and wristbands turned out awesome and you can see how cool they are in the photos.

festival themed birthday party ideas

If you are having a festival themed birthday party or celebrating a big birthday like Tony’s 50th and want some cool stationery for your celebration please click here to get in touch.