Wedding Table Cards – As you will have seen throughout this website I design a lot of festival themed wedding table plans. To go along with the table and seating plans I also design matching sets of wedding table cards, usually in the same style and format as the table plan itself.

festival wedding table cards

festival weddings wedding table cards

For festival themed weddings most couples usually name their wedding tables after their favourite festivals or after their favourite bands. This makes it super easy for guests to identify what table they are sitting at on the wedding day as they just need to look for the table that has a sign saying The Rolling Stones, Glastonbury, Electric Picnic or whatever.

festival themed wedding stationery table cards

music festival wedding ideas

The wedding table cards can also double up as wedding menus by easily putting the menu of the wedding day on the reverse of the card, or just have a menu design of its own like the one below…

festival themed wedding table menus

As I said people usually use festival names or band names but I have also designed sets were people named their wedding tables after their favourite pubs, favourite clubs, favourite DJs, tv characters, countries, holiday destinations etc. etc. even dogs!

Glastonbury themed weddings are very popular with couples planning a festival wedding as they sometimes have met at glastonbury or got engaged at glastonbury so they like to reflect this in their wedding day stationery, like the samples above and below which feature the Glastonbury Tor, hill of glastonbury and the wedding tables named after glastonbury stage names.

glastonbury wedding ideas

concert poster themed wedding stationery

If you are having a festival wedding and are interested in a festival wedding seating plan and matching wedding table cards please click here to get in touch.