Festival Wedding Programme Lanyards – These Personalised Festival Wedding Programme Lanyards were I set I made for a couple called Sam & Rachael from Carlisle in Wales, who got married back in July. I had previously worked with the couple earlier in the year creating them beautiful festival ticket wedding invitations and other festival wedding stationery which you can see by clicking here.

festival wedding programme laminate lanyard

For the day of the wedding the couple wanted to give each of their wedding guests a wedding program in the style of festival lanyard program with all the information of the wedding day and events. For the cover of the wedding festival lanyards was the basic introduction to the event including the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date and location. The design and colours for the lanyards was followed on from the earlier designs of the wedding invitations.

The first page of the wedding program was a welcome note from the newly married couple, basically welcoming everyone to the wedding and thanking them for coming and instructing them to use the festival lanyard as a guide for the days festivities.

festival wedding lanyards

The second page was the line up of the Bridal Party / the days main acts, in the style of a festival poster line up. So headlining was the Bride and Groom and then the names of each of the couples sets of parents, the Best Men, the Bridesmaids and so on.

festival wedding order of service program

The next page was the Wedding Order of Service for the Church Ceremony which included information on Hymns, prayers and the running of the ceremony. The couple also had a card with useful information for guests such as Hotel numbers, Taxi numbers, and Bus and Train stop numbers to help their guests get around and help them get home at night after the wedding was finished.There was also a card featuring a map of the local area for wedding guests driving to the Church and Hotel.

wedding order of the day programme lanyards

The final cards were made up with an Order of the Day which gave timings of all the days events such as the Ceremony, times for photos, times of speeches and the first dance, and times for the cutting of the cake etc. etc. all to help the guests keep track of what is when so they wouldn’t miss anything. The final card was a thank you note in the form of a quote by Benjamin Disraeli.

festival wedding programmes

Like all the festival wedding lanyards I have made these turned out wonderful and added an extra bit of festival spirit to the couples wedding day. Because this set featured 4 cards it even more so felt like it was a proper festival lanyard. Obviously not everyone needs to give so much information but the more cards the better for these festival wedding program lanyards.

festival wedding programs

The wedding festival lanyard programmes are getting more and more popular and they are a fantastic way of relying alot of information to your wedding guests in a fun way that is not just a boring piece of white paper folded up inside your wedding invitation. No one likes reading THAT piece of paper. Make your wedding information sheets have a bit more spark and send them an awesome wedding programme of events instead!

If you like the look of these festival wedding lanyards or any of the festival themed wedding stationery on this website and would like more information please click here to get in touch.