Festival Wedding Ireland – This beautiful set of festival themed wedding stationery was for a couple from Ireland called Laura & Andy who got married in August in Co. Meath. Laura contacted me about a year ago to start discussing wedding stationery needs and wanted wedding stationery to reflect the festival style wedding they were planning.

festival wedding ireland

The first thing we worked on was the couples wedding invites. Laura told me they loved music festivals so it would be fitting for them to have festival ticket wedding invitations, and well she couldn’t have came to a better place.

She looked at lots of different designs I had previously worked on and picked out her favourite elements for me to design her wedding invites. The colours she wanted throughout the wedding stationery were orange, red and black. These are very bold colours and they worked magically on these festival themed designs. The invitations are really impacting and you wouldn’t walk past them without noticing them straight away.

festival wedding invitations ireland

The design featured a festival crowd with a live band playing on a stage. In the background is fields and hills and a setting sun with an orange and red sunburst sky. The title of the invites was Laura & Andy’s Wedding Festival. This was made up using an elegant script typeface for their names then a very bold typeface underneath for the words WEDDING FESTIVAL. Framing the title is single flowers and daisies and underneath is the name of the wedding venue which was Clonabreany House, Crossakiel, Co Meath.

festival ticket wedding invitations

The bottom of the invite featured the date which in this case was unusual that it said 9-10th August, the reason for this was the couple was inviting their guests not just to a wedding day but a wedding weekend. They had booked the venue out for the whole weekend and were having a party the day after the wedding which wedding guests were also invited too. Exactly the way to do it of course!!!! it probably really should have read 9-11th August no doubt!!

The reverse side of the wedding tickets featured all the invitation details and details of the wedding including information for the day after the wedding. As the wedding invites were ticket style invites the wedding guests could easily tear off the rsvp stub and send it back to the couple. On the rsvp stub there was options for guests to let the couple know what days of the wedding they would be attending. All in a very Rock’n’Roll manner of course!

festival wedding invites

For the day of the wedding the couple had festival wedding vip programme style lanyards made up. These Festival style VIP Pass lanyards had several uses. First of all they would act as wedding place names for the guests so they could see were they are sitting at the wedding tables.

Festival Style VIP wedding in Ireland


Next they featured a running order of each day of the wedding weekend. So times and events for the saturday and the sunday so that guests would know what is going on over the wedding weekend and when – high informative I think you will agree! and of course they look super cool!

festival wedding running order vip lanyard

The last page of the festival wedding program was a thank you note to the wedding guests for coming and a lovely picture of the bride and groom at the Electric Picnic Festival in Ireland. (High Five for EP!!) The wedding vip lanyards followed the same design and colour themes from the invites and were really bright, bold and of course beautiful to look at – like all the products we make here at WEDFEST 🙂

wedfest festival wedding ideas vip lanyards

Once the guests arrived at the wedding reception at this fabulous Irish festival wedding they were greeted by this beautiful wedding table plan. Once again using the colours and themes from the rest of the wedding stationery but this time featuring more of a festival scene in the background with a large festival stage and camping fields, tents, teepee’s, flags and much more in the background. The wedding tables were all named after the couples favourite bands such as Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix etc. I have done a few variations of this table plan but the colours on this one and I think the fonts make this one of my favourites yet.

wedding table plans ireland

To co-ordinate with the table plan each of the wedding tables had a corresponding wedding table card like the ones below featuring the name of the band or artist that was representing that table so that the wedding guests could easily identify their wedding tables.

festival wedding table numbers

I really loved working on this set of wedding stationery and was really happy with the outcome. Even though most of the designs are bold and bright there is something about this set of colours that is really impacting and totally captures the eye. Wishing all the best to Laura & Andy in the festival of life!

If you are planning a festival wedding in Ireland (or anywhere in the whole world!) and like the look of the festival wedding stationery you see on this website please click here to get in touch and see what magic we can come up with….