Eden Project Festival Wedding Lanyards – This wedding literally occurred at the weekend just gone by for a couple called Charli & Matt. Charli contacted me a few weeks back looking for festival style lanyards for her wedding day. She explained that her new surname was to be Glass and they wanted to name the wedding day Glass-tonbury and have festival themed wedding lanyards.

glastonbury wedding lanyards

She then told me that the wedding was to be held at The Eden Project in Cornwall which if you don’t know is a complex in Cornwall that is made up of several huge Biomes (like a green house) made up of hundreds of hexagonal and pentagonal, inflated, plastic cells supported by steel frames inside which they grow thousands of plant species, pretty cool place! They also however hold festivals and concerts at the Eden Project and while these are happening the biomes light up at night all different colours, a pretty cool spectacle… google it to see! Anyway I loved the idea of this as the eden project is so cool looking, so I suggested that we feature this heavily in the lanyard design.

eden project wedding invitations

glastonbury festival wedding lanyards

So I set about designing a festival vibe set against the backdrop of the eden project with a festival style atmosphere at the front.

glastonbury festival wedding stationery

wedfest festival wedding lanyards

The lanyards consist of 4 pages over 2 cards and are broken into the front cover, then an order of service, the stage times / running order of the day and finally the names of all involved in the wedding party or The Line Up as it was called.

glastonbury eden project festival wedding invitations stationery

eden project wedding stationery

They turned out amazing and and were printed with a gloss laminate finish to really give the proper festival feel to the wedding lanyards. Hopefully I will get some photos from the actual wedding day to post here soon but in the meantime check out the photos here.

festival wedding lanyards

If you are having a festival themed wedding or an eden project wedding or are just interested in getting festival themed wedding lanyards please click here to get in touch.