Winter Festival Wedding Invites – Winter is almost here! in as far as summer has most definitely gone!! But just because its winter doesn’t mean the festival season is over! Far from it in fact! Many of you out there are festival fans and will be getting married this winter in your very own winter festivals and winter wedfests etc. and its getting more and more popular in fact. Last year I done quite a few designs for winter weddings but this year has been even more busy.

wedfest winter wedding invites

The wedding invitations for this couple are exactly what I am talking about. They wanted to have a festival themed wedding but their wedding is in December, and in Ireland! So there most definitely will not be any hot sun, there may be sunshine but it wont be hot!! I suggested that they go with a winter festival feel for the invites so that it would set the tone for the wedding, after all no point having blasting sunshines and green fields when in fact its minus whatever outside!

wedfest winter festival wedding invites

winter festival ticket wedding invites

These invites turned out really cool. I used the dark navy and purple colours for the sky to create a twilight theme and put the full moon and twinkling stars in the sky much like you might see on a crisp winters night. I also for the first time added some new festival staging which I have been working on, this turned out really well and is more inline with the type of festival stage you would actually see at a music festival.

wedfest concert ticket wedding invites

These winter wedding invitations where designed in the wedding ticket style theme with the tear of RSVP stub so that the guests could easily reply to the couple.

ticket stub festival wedding invites

If you like what you see here or like any of the festival wedding designs you see on this website please click here to get in touch to see what I can do for you! and remember… wrap up winter is here!!!!