Whimsical Wedding Invitations – Katie and Andrew got in touch with me looking for some wedding invitations. They wanted a bit of a festival feel to their invites but more Whimsical and not so much focused on live music and that type of thing. She liked the idea of green fields and festival flags. This made me think of what a festival arena is like just before all the people arrive and turn it to muck. Pure green fields, blue skies, flags, and a sense of the calm before the storm, which really is what weddings are like especially festival weddings. I suppose I was thinking on Glastonbury with its green fields as far as the eye can see and huge flags blowing in the wind.

whimsical wedding invitations

I kept the design quite simple with some flowers and butterflies in the forefront adding to the summer and countryside feel I was going for.

whimsical festival wedding invitations

They also wanted to have a bit of fun with the wedding invitations as they don’t take themselves too seriously. So in the RSVP stub they added in some funny comments such for people to choose from such as they can’t attend because they are washing their hair etc. All in the days fun!

whimsical ticket wedding invitations

These invites turned out really beautifully and I have had a lot of interest in them from other couples who are having whimsical weddings, summer weddings, spring weddings, countryside weddings etc. the design lends itself perfectly to a lot of different themes for weddings.

whimsical wedding invites

If you like what you see here and want some Whimsical Wedding Invitations for your own whimsical or festival wedding then please click here to get in touch.