Personalised Festival Themed Wedding Invitations for your Wedding – It seems like a year ago when this couple contacted me and asked me to design them some personalised wedding invitations. They wanted to have a festival theme for their wedding invites so when they came to WEDFEST they came to the right place. They wanted their invites to be in the style of a festival flyer and they wanted to name their own wedding festival as HAMMOSMITH, an amalgamation of both of their surnames – Smith and Hammond.


They wanted the invitations to be in bright and eye catching and they had fell in love with an earlier festival flyer design I had created for another couple so we used that as a base design and personalised the wedding and evening invitations with their own details.

personalised festival wedding invites

For the wedding evening invitations we used the same design as the day invite but renamed it to be THE AFTER PARTY and had some slight detail changes to reflect the evening wedding events, we also changed the colouring to further distinguish the difference between the two invitations.

wedfest festival wedding invitations

These guys are actually getting married this weekend so WEDFEST would like to wish them all the best and we hope HAMMOSMITH THE WEDDING is a legendary one!

If you are interested in personalised festival themed wedding invitations for your wedding please click here to get in touch.