Festival Wristbands for your Wedding Day – When you go to a music festival you buy your ticket, then you wait months and months and months and get super excited about the festival. Finally the big weekend arrives and you pack up and get to the festival, you hand over your ticket and get a festival wristband on your wrist and you at last have arrived! You wear it with pride and probably are still wearing it 2 months later!

festival wedding wristbands

Your festival wedding should be no different. You have sent your guests out their festival ticket wedding invitations, so when they arrive are you going to give them festival wristbands so they can let the whole world know that they have attended your big day??? OF COURSE YOU ARE!

fabric wristbands for your wedding day

A festival wedding would not be complete without festival style wristbands for all your guests. Here at WEDFEST we can design and make festival style wristbands for your wedding day. There is various options of wristbands available so please get in touch for more information.

personalized wedding wristbands

At a big music festival you will usually receive a woven fabric wristband with a metal ring. We can supply you with this exact type of wristband but the woven wristbands usually require a large order to make them cost effective.

personalised festival wedding fabric wristbands

What is a more cost effective option is printed fabric festival wristbands like the samples seen on these photos. These wristbands have the design printed directly onto the fabric which is alot cheaper than the woven variety. It also means a wider range of colours and designs can be achieved as with the woven ones you are limited to about 8 colours were as the printed ones can be printed in full colour.

The printed fabric wristbands are supplied with the same aluminium ring for fastening the bands, there also is other lock types available if you so needed one.

satin festival wristbands

The custom wedding wristbands you see here are for a festival wedding called WEDFEST. They feature the names of the Bride and Groom as well as the wedding date. Of course you can have any information, colours or design that you want on your wristbands and everything can be designed to match your wedding colour theme if required. of course it doesn’t have to be a wedding you need these for if you just want personalised festival wristbands for any occasion please get in touch, whether it be a birthday, party or any type of event we can provide you with customised wristbands.

custom wedding wristbands

If you are thinking of having a festival wedding or are interested in personalized wedding wristbands please click here to get in touch for more information wristbands and on all the services wedfest provide.