Music Festival Themed Album Cover Wedding Seating Planner – I really love this music festival themed wedding seating plan I made for a wedding which took place in Dundee, Scotland at the weekend for a couple called Jemma & Dean. This rock’n’roll bride and groom loved all the festival themed table plans on this website and wanted to create a festival vibe at their wedding reception and the addition of a festival style poster did just that. The couple wanted to name their wedding tables after their favourite albums such as The Killers, James, Noel Gallagher, Biffy Clyro etc. which you can see on the seating plan below.

music festival poster themed wedding seating planner

Further to this I also made the couple matching wedding table cards so that the wedding guests could easily find their table once they identified where they were sitting from the seating plan. The design features a festival scene in the background with the sun setting behind the hills and a starburst of sun rays going high into the sky with festival tents and camping visible in the distance. At the foreground of the design is a festival stage with a band playing and the crowd dancing and partying in the very foreground. Jemma wanted a purple and green colour scheme for the design as this was to match in with her wedding colours.

music festival themed wedding table cards

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