Vintage Football Ticket Wedding Invites – Recently as well as working on lots of festival and concert ticket wedding invitation designs I have had lots and lots of Bride and Grooms to be contacting me looking for football ticket themed wedding invites. As themed weddings are becoming more and more popular so are the range of themes that people want to use for their weddings. I have worked on lots of themes recently and football (or as our American friends call it – Soccer) is proving very popular of late. This particular couple contacted me after seeing some of the earlier football ticket wedding invites I had worked on, however they had a more specific request in that they wanted vintage style football tickets for their wedding invitations.

Vintage Football Ticket Wedding Invites

I did some research into old football tickets and they were quite basic in their layout, basically the crests of the 2 teams, the date and kick off time was usually all that was on the ticket designs. For this wedding invitation design the couple wanted to name the title as MATCH OF THE DAY and then have their 2 names versus each other but instead of VS I replaced the V with a heart shape. Then the rest of the design is made up of the wedding date and kick off time which is the time that wedding starts at, and then the venue name. For the bride and groom I designed each of them a football crest based around their name based on some classic football crest designs. Overall the invite has a very vintage look and feel and even the colours are quite muted and faded to give it an overall aged look.

retro football tickets wedding invitations

For the ticket stub this doubles as the RSVP for the wedding invite which they guests can tear these off and easily reply to the couple. I also provided them with pre addresses RSVP envelopes so that all the guests had to do was tear off and fill out the RSVP card, put it on the envelopes and post it back.

Football Ticket stub Wedding Invitations

On the reverse side of the invites there was “Terms and Conditions” much like you would find on the back of any football ticket or concert / festival ticket. Under this section they lister the further details of their wedding day and some information which would help their wedding guests such as accommodation details, directions, travel advice etc. To finish of the ticket design I added a ticket number to the invites which was the date of the wedding.

Football Ticket Wedding Invites

If you are interested in these vintage football ticket wedding invites or are planning a football themed wedding and would like more information on whats possible for your wedding stationery please click here to get in touch.