Festival Wedding VIP Lanyards –  These festival style VIP Lanyards are a set I designed and created for a couple in Rochester, New York who are having a festival wedding in June this year. I had previously designed Rob & Amber festival themed tickets for their wedding invitations and they wanted to also include some festival themed VIP Lanyards for their guests.

festival lanyards

These lanyards turned out really great, on the front side is the details of the festival wedding, the logo, names and date etc and then a space for the guests name to be written. There also is a barcode and a AAA (access all areas) stamp with the date of the wedding.

wedding festival lanyards

wedding vip lanyards

On the reverse is details of a dinner that the VIP Guests are invited to. This can be anything though from a order of the day to, taxi numbers or any information which might be relevant to the wedding.

concert wedding vip lanyards

These festival wedding VIP lanyards are great fun to include on your wedding day and can add a bit of festival atmosphere to the day. They can also be used as place names for the guests so they know where they are sitting and further than that its a easy way for people to figure out each others names at weddings as guests dont always know each other… basically Hi my name is…. haha!

festival wedding vip lanyards

festival wedding lanyards

If you are interested in VIP Lanyards or festival lanyards for your wedding day please click here to get in touch and lets add some festival spirit to your wedding day.

festival wedding vip lanyard