Festival Flyer and Tickets Wedding Stationery – A few months back a couple from Leeds contacted me looking for me to design them some festival themed tickets and flyers for their wedding stationery. They wanted to have festival themed tickets for the wedding invites and festival style flyers for the evening / after party invites.

festival flyer and ticket wedding stationery

They named their wedding day KINSEYFEST as that is the grooms surname, Kinsey that is no Fest! and it worked brilliantly when written up in large letters, it looked just like some kind of European Festival name you might see on a poster or billboard.

festival flyer wedding invitations

For their invitation design I used an image of a full proper music festival stage and the crowd in front of it dancing and partying. I used some greater than >> and less than << symbols in the design, they worked really well. I think around the time I was designing these Reading and Leeds festivals were taking place so I probably drew the inspiration from their poster designs.

festival wedding flyer

The flyer and ticket designs turned our really great and looked fantastic when printed, the colours really made these designs as they are so bright and powerful and would really put you in the mood for a summer festival and thats exactly the vibe the Bride and Groom were hoping to create to get their wedding guests excited for their big day.

festival wedding poster flyer stationery

If you like these flyer or ticket designs or are interested in Festival Flyer and Tickets Wedding Stationery for your big day please click here to get in touch and see what we can do for your festival wedding!