Vintage Shabby Chic Wedding Table Plans

Vintage Shabby Chic Wedding Table Plans – I have just been looking over the posts on the website and realised that there isn’t as many festival wedding table plan posts up here in comparison to the amount that I have actually designed, so I thought I will have to do something about that! I am going to post up a few posts solely about wedding table plans, mostly festival based designed but some with slightly varying themes depending on the couples wedding.

vintage shabby chic wedding table plan

In this first post is a snippet of some of the vintage chic and shabby chic festival wedding table plans I have worked on. Some are more retro than others and some more elegant but I put these ones together to give you an idea of whats possible outside of the main festival based designs.

The table plan above was designed with a traditional Irish themed wedding in mind, the colours of dark greens, golds and browns made the design feel vintage but also Irish. The same couple, like many other couples also had the same vintage chic design in their wedding invitations and this carried through to the wedding table plan.

The design below is a Paris theme with a mix of a movies theme. The couple got in touch and said they wanted to name their wedding tables after their favourite love story movies and use movie quotes in the wedding seating plan design. For the design they wanted something vintage looking but elegant. While working on the design I noticed one of the movies was called Midnight in Paris, and also the quote from Casablanca“We’ll always have Paris“, so this gave me the idea to use an image of the Eiffel Tower. It just so happened when I showed them the design they had got engaged in Paris so that worked out wonderfully!! It’s a wonderful life! as the poster says…. 🙂

vintage chic paris theme wedding table plan

Sticking with the movies theme, this next couple wanted a vintage cinema poster themed wedding table plan. I had designed a few of these before so I already had a few ideas. They wanted to have a Casablanca theme as this is their favourite Love Story Movie. I designed the wedding seating plan as an old cinema style poster, with the cinema itself as the focus of the design. The names of the couple are on the big screen and the name of the movie also. Each table was named after one of the characters in the movie and I worked this into the cinema poster theme of the design. This one turned out really cool and I have since designed a few more cinema poster wedding seating plans.

vintage cinema poster wedding seating table plan

elegant shabby chic wedding table plan

The next two wedding table plans – above and below, are more elegant based designs. Both brides wanted something different, elegant, retro, slightly vintage but overall still classy. Both designs are similar on their layout and design, with the bottom one touching more on the shabby chic side of things with some rustic edges and more of an aged vintage feel. Both seating plans were designed to suit the wedding theme colours associated with each wedding. The table plan design below actually as two different dates on it to represent the day that the couple got married at a foreign wedding and then the day that they held their celebration and home for their friends and family.

The table plan above has the name of the couples favourite songs as they the table names, while the couple below chose their favourite bands as their wedding table names to add a touch of festival to their wedding day.

elegant vintage chic wedding table plan

The wedding seating plan below was for a couple who were having a retro theme with a 50’s style cocktail hour as part of their wedding so wanted something retro looking but classic and not shabby or vintage looking. They were having a Rat Pack tribute act as part of their wedding celebrations so I used the image of the Rat Pack in the background. The table names were named after famous couples or duo’s such as Jack & Vera from Coronation Street, Romeo & Juliet, Turner & Hooch Etc. The table plan design turned out really cool and for the table name cards I had an image of each of the famous couples as the table centres for the guests to find their tables!

vintage retro wedding table seating plan

The last table plan in this post seen below was a vintage chic design I designed following on from designing vintage chic wedding ticket invitations for the couple. They wanted to keep the same theme running through and the design from the wedding invites transferred easily to the wedding table plan design.

festival wedding shabby chic table plan

If you like the idea of having a shabby chic wedding table plan or a vintage themed seating plan or any theme or design you want really please click here to get in touch and let me help you add some vintage chic or elegance or craziness to your wedding day stationery and celebrations!