Breakfast Cereal Themed Wedding Seating Plan

Breakfast Cereal Theme Wedding Table Planner

As you will know we love a challenge at Wedfest! We pride ourselves in coming up with new and awesome designs and ideas for wedding stationery and we have changed the way people think about their wedding stationery. We love working on new and exciting projects and we never know where the day is going to take us or what kind of project will land with us over breakfast 😉 Well that was exactly the case when Emma and Steve got in touch with us this summer after seeing many of our awesome and exciting wedding designs. The soon to be married couple got in touch with us with a wonderfully awesome request. We thought we had seen it all but we were pleasantly surprised when they asked us could we design them a Breakfast Cereal themed wedding table plan! for their upcoming wedding at Trevenna Barns. Our initial response was ‘Are you being Cereal?!!‘ (it wasn’t actually) Our answer was of course we can!! Of course the table plan was for the Wedding Breakfast! (ok we will stop now!) haha 🙂

This was a very fun project to work on as our research took us back to the glory days of all the great cereals before sugar became the main evil of the world 🙂 Very shocked to learn that Sugar Puffs are now called Honey Monster Puffs – WTF!!?? Anyway we found out this is the case with alot of the great Cereals 🙁 Any hoo the couple wanted to name their wedding tables after their favourite breakfast cereals so we came up with the idea of making the actual wedding table plan design the style of a classic cereal box. Amazing we know! So we set about doing what we do best and designed this absolutely fantastic looking Cereal themed wedding table plan.

breakfast cereal theme wedding table plan trevenna barns

breakfast cereal theme wedding table plan

We don’t really need to go into the details here you can see for yourself how awesome it looks. Just imagine the faces on the wedding guests when they arrive at the wedding reception to see this fabulous table plan in front of them. Each of the wedding tables was named after a cereal such as Crunchy Nut, Sugar Puffs, Coco Pops, Frosties etc.

Below you can see the cereal wedding table plan on display at the wedding. (We pinched this photo from one of the couples wedding guests on Instagram – full credit for the photo) We printed the wedding table plan on A1 sized foamex board to give it a rigid upright finish and as you can see by the photo below the finish is 1st class.

classic cereals themed wedding seating table chart

classic cereals themed wedding seating table chart (Photo by

Below you can see another variation of the table plan we were working on with a yellow and orange theme and some variations in placement of the text and elements.

breakfast cereal themed wedding seating table plan

breakfast cereal themed wedding seating table plan

Overall this was an amazingly fun project to work on and we have no doubt if you are looking at this post you will have enjoyed it. All this talk of cereal is making us hungry!!

If you like what you see here and would like something similar or an awesome themed design or wedding stationery for your wedding please click here to get in touch…