Festival Wedding VIP Pass Lanyards – I have been so busy lately I havent had time to photograph all the work properly so I am just posting some ‘quick pics’ of some of my recent work. Below is some of the recentĀ Festival Wedding VIP Pass Lanyards I have been designing. These are great for festival theme weddings and are great as table place names for your guests who can then wear them throughout the day to add a bit of festival fun to your wedding day, they are also really great for finding out peoples names, as we all know people love to pull at festivals! and weddings šŸ™‚

wedding vip pass lanyards

wedding vip passes festival lanyard

festival wedding vip lanyards

festival wedding vip pass lanyards

If you like the look of theseĀ Festival Wedding VIP Pass Lanyards or wedding lanyards for any themed of wedding you are having please click here to get in touch.