Back to the Future themed Wedding

Back to the Future Themed Wedding Stationery – Yes! No explanation needed for this one, just 100% awesomeness before your eyes! Dipesh and Maya got in touch a few months back looking for a movie themed wedding table plan for their huge Indian Wedding of over 600 guests. They wanted to name the wedding tables after their favourite movies and wanted a table plan designed to reflect this theme.

I have designed quite a few cinema and movie themed table plans so far but for this wedding we needed something different. When Maya sent me through the table list the answer was there on table one of the Brides guests – Back to the Future. I thought it would be super cool to have the couples names in the classic Back to the Future style logo and I tried it an the couple loved it. So the theme was set for the back to the future wedding table plan and wedding stationery. Like I said the couple had 600 guests so we had to split the table plan into 2 table plans, one for the Grooms guests and one for the Brides guests. Below you can see the Grooms guests wedding seating plan featuring the classic back to the future look and each of the wedding tables named after a favourite film of the Groom.

back to the future themed wedding table plan

Back to the Future themed wedding table plan

Needless to say the wedding reception room was massive with nearly 60 tables in the room so the couple also wanted me to design them a wedding seating map to sit next to the table plans so once the guests found out what table they were sitting at they could then locate the table within the layout of the room. For the wedding table map we kept the same back to the future themed styling throughout.

Back to the Future wedding seating chart

Back to the Future wedding seating chart

Once the guests entered the reception room and had a rough idea where in the room their table was located they just needed to identify it so I also made matching wedding table name cards for each table featuring the table number and movie name assigned to that table so all the guests could find their seat and prepare to eat!!

Back to the Future themed wedding

Back to the Future themed wedding

This back to the future themed wedding stationery was really fun to work on and turned out looking super cool! If you like what you have seen here on are interested in any of our themed wedding stationery please click here to get in touch and make your wedding stationery stand out from the rest!!