Christmas Jumper Wedding Table & Seating Plan – On the third day of Christmas, Wedfest gave to you, one of the coolest wedding table plans you will ever see!!! Behold your eyes are not lying to you, that below is indeed a wedding table plan in the theme of a christmas jumper! Don’t act surprised we do this kind of crazy every day!!

christmas jumper wedding table seating plan

christmas jumper wedding table and seating plan

There isn’t really much explanation needed for this but Jamie and Terry got in touch looking for me to design them a super fun and totally awesome cheesy christmas wedding table plan for their wedding this weekend. They loved the retro table plans I had designed with cassette tapes and VHS tapes so wanted something similar. As soon as I thought retro I knew it had to involve christmas jumpers one way or the other and then I though how about putting the guest names right into the design of the jumper and it worked a total treat!!

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