80’s Movies Wedding Table Plan – I love, love, love this wedding table plan. The couple contacted me saying that they wanted to have an 80’s movies theme for their wedding seating plan. I got them to send me over the list of movie names they were using for their table names, when I got the list it took me right back to my childhood, films such as The Karate Kid, Back to the Future, The Goonies, Footloose and all the rest of the classics. The one thing for me that all these movies had in common was we had them all on VHS video tapes, taped right of the TV proper old skool! Now the thing with VHS video tapes you will remember if you are anything over 25 was the labels on the side of the tapes. Most people in the family had their own video tape with Marty’s Tape – Do not tape over etc. written on the side of it. I thought this would be a brilliant idea for a wedding table plan. All of the 80s Movies titles written on the side of the tapes with the guest names written underneath. I am happy to say I was right! It worked brilliantly… see the results below…

80s movies wedding table seating plan

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