Movie Themed Wedding Table Plans

Movie Themed Wedding Table Plans – I first designed this movie themed wedding table plan last year for a couple who wanted to have a table seating plan that featured all their favourite 80’s movies. It has proved really popular with couples born in the 80’s and 90’s and movie fans alike. The table plan is basically made up from old school vhs video tapes all stacked like they would have been under your mum and dads TV or video cabinet (retro) featuring all of the movie names written on the sides of the video tapes. All the classics are there such as Top Gun, The Goonies, Back to the Future, Big Trouble in Little China, Dirty Dancing and many more. The guest names are then written under the movie names and it looks super cool and super retro.

movie themed wedding table plans

If you like the look of this Classic VHS Movie Themed Wedding Table Plan or are having a movie themed wedding or 80s themed wedding get in touch and see what awesome retro 80s inspired wedding stationery we can create for you! Click here to get in touch.