Festival Style Wedding Wristbands

Festival Themed Wedding Wristbands – When you go to a music festival the things that you usually take away with you are the memories of good times, a bad smell, a hangover and the one thing that you will keep on for weeks to come – your festival wristband. Yes the festival wristband can be seen on every corner and many people wear them all year and beyond, in fact I have seen people wear them for years on end, they do get a bit stinky after a while but each to their own. Anyway if you are planning a festival wedding, then festival style wedding wristbands are a must!

festival wedding wristbands

This set of wristbands was made for a couple who are using the wristbands as their wedding save the dates! An awesome idea! imagine receiving this in the post, what a great way to build the excitement for your wedding.

festival style wedding wristbands

The idea is that the guests will then wear their wedding wristbands to the wedding add to the festival vibe of the wedding. Of course they are great for save the dates but even better for on the day of the wedding. When you guests arrive everyone can be allocated their wristbands and as well as creating a bit of fun they look super cool and you will probably be still wearing yours down the pub for weeks to come!! The wristbands are printed fabric wristbands and they come with a metal ring which makes it easy to slide the wristbands on and off so you can wear them as you please, unlike at a festival where the metal ring is clamped down and then it is a nightmare to get them off.

wedfest festival wristbands

If you are planning a festival wedding or any theme really and like the idea of wedding wristbands get in touch and see what we can do. They can have all sorts of designs or text for example they could be VIP wristbands to make your guests feel extra special, or even if you are having any type of event you could order these event wristbands

wedding save the date event wristbands

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