The 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl Belfast

The 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl has become one of the most popular festive night out in recent years. Taken from 12 days of Christmas, the concept is simple, visit 12 pubs in one night in a Christmas Jumper or some form of festive dress, have at least one drink in each pub and follow the rules! The rules and fun can vary from silliness such as speaking in a different accent, drinking something you wouldn’t normally drink, drink your full drink through a straw, sing karaoke, walking backwards to the next bar, or much worse things…. or maybe things that are not as bad, thats all down to the type of company that you keep and of course the organiser / person who is setting the rules!! Either way its all a but of fun to kick start the festive celebrations.

12 pubs of christmas dublin belfast

12 pubs of christmas dublin belfast

The 12 Pubs of Christmas is pretty popular all over the world now but probably nowhere as popular as right here on the emerald island of Ireland. So to co-incide with the launch of our awesome new 12 pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl Lanyards we have decided to bring you a couple of ideas for Pub Crawls in the main city in the North being Belfast and the main city in South being Dublin. Two great cities to visit over the Christmas period and both packed full of pubs and bars, enough to keep the nation from going thirsty! We have lived in Belfast for almost ten years now and when working out our first 12 Pubs of Christmas pub crawl we quickly realised that there are a few different routes that could be taken, quite a few in fact, loads in fact!! But we have posted our two favourites here:

12 pubs of christmas belfast pub crawl

12 pubs of christmas belfast pub crawl

12 Pubs of Christmas Belfast – Route 1

The Perch

The Perch is a rooftop bar situated on Franklin Street (behind Robinsons), best known for its Fab cocktails and it’s a good central place for everyone to meet. Also great for winter warmer drinks at this time of year. Perfect spot to start your 12 pubs adventure at the top of the city centre, literally! Also if you haven’t done so already, give out your 12 pubs of Christmas party pub crawl lanyards so everyone knows the plan and where they will be heading over the next few hours/days… if you havent got your lanyards ordered yet click here to get them now…

The Rusty Saddle

Formerly known as the Washington bar (refurb and name change in 2018) and located on Howard Street. There is a lively bar downstairs and a bigger bar upstairs with a DJ set (even if you start early!!).

The Belfast Christmas Markets

A must visit for any pub crawl at Christmas time, this stop will definitely get you in the Christmas mood! Situated at City Hall and set up in the usual Christmas market layout. There are two bars here – the Lavery’s bar tent and the German beer tent, both are busy at all times and full of Christmas jumpers 🙂


Take a short walk to Muriel’s on Church lane, this is a cosy wee bar/cafe. Notice the bras hanging from the roof and cool artwork on the walls. One of our favourite pubs in Belfast. Always busy downstairs so venture upstairs lots of cosy corners.

White’s Tavern

This is a cosy wee Irish pub on Winecellar Entry (behind Office). It’s been there since the 17th Century and has cosy open fires and oak beams. It can be a nice one to get into on a cold night! Good live music.

The Northern Whig

A short walk will take you to the Northern Whig, and you are now entering the Cathedral Quarter section of the city.  This might be a good time to check if everyone is still there and noone has fell asleep in White’s.

The National

Official name is ‘The National Grande Cafe’. It has a great cocktail and beer selection and you can grab some food here too.  The beer garden is really good and they have lots of nice heaters (important to know on a winter night!). If you happen to make it no further than here they have 3 more floors upstairs including Sixty Six nightclub.

The Spaniard

We are now in the thick of Cathedral quarter, Located on Skipper street (street adjacent to National) it is a super cosy wee bar best known for their rum cocktails. Be prepared to squeeze in!!

The Thirsty Goat

New to Belfast last year but already established as one of the main go to bars in Cathedral Quarter. It is beside / part of 21 Social on hill street (directly opposite the Merchant Hotel) and recently refurbished beer garden outside with live music and roomy bar inside.

The Dirty Onion

Next door to the Thirsty Goat is the Dirty Onion (the bars are even closer now, probably a good thing!!) Lively beer garden always with a live band playing and a cosy bar inside with music played upstairs too.

The Duke of York

Classic Irish pub, down a cobbled street called Commercial Street with a whiskey bar, live music and vintage advertising signs. If you have seen that picture with the umbrellas and lights down the cobbled street – this is where you can get it!

The Harp Bar

The last pub of the crawl – you made it! No matter what day of the week – the Harp bar is bustling and music playing! The atmosphere is electric and a great way to end the pub crawl. It can get crowded early so don’t leave it too late to head over there!

belfast 12 pubs of christmas pub crawl

belfast 12 pubs of christmas pub crawl

That concludes route 1 in our Belfast 12 pubs of Christmas but like we say there is a few more we wanted to include so lets check out route 2… Also this is probably a good time to remind you to get your 12 pubs of Christmas pub crawl lanyards by clicking here or on the banner below…

12 pubs of christmas pub crawl party favours

12 pubs of christmas belfast pub crawl route

12 pubs of christmas belfast pub crawl route

12 Bars of Christmas Belfast – Route 2


Located on the titanic quarter side of Queen’s square (where the big clock is), one of the oldest bars in Belfast and only getting better! Again if everyone hasn’t got their christmas pub crawl lanyard at this stage, how the feck are they meant to know where to go?? Click here to get them ordered now..

The Tipsy Bird 

Located on Ann Street, this place has fabulous cocktails and a funky birdcage decor, also has some of the best live music in Belfast, if you love funky covers then check out this place.


A rooftop bar on the top of Bullitt hotel, this place has amazing views of Belfast and a great drink selection too, if its too cold outside there also is an inside section with views of the other side of the city. A must visit bar at any time of the year.


See route 1 above for info, this place is a must for Gin Lovers.


Formerly known as McCracken’s situated at Joy’s entry. This is a brand new bar to belfast and has been split into two sections. Henry’s is more of a traditional but quite grand style of bar with live Irish music and Irish dancers performing. Through the side door leads to The Jailhouse which has a totally different vibe and is split over several floors and doors leading you down the rabbit hole – to another gin bar!

White’s Tavern

Hidden down a tiny alley is this Belfast gem!

Bear & Doll 

This classic bar is on Library street beside, you guessed it, the public library. Also walk through the far door and you will enter Blaklist which is another little Gem of a bar.

Love & Death 

Located on Ann Street, this is a great intimate wee bar for a cocktail or hit the club upstairs till the wee small hours!

Christmas Market Belfast

It’s not Christmas until you eat a Kangaroo Burger at the markets.

Pug Uglys Belfast

On Bedford street, formerly Morrisons (2018 has really been the year of refurbs and name changes!) Great bar downstairs with band and bar upstairs too.

The Five Points / The Points

A short walk to the Dublin road and you will arrive at The Five Points. The former site of long time classic Belfast Bar Auntie Annies, and briefly known as The Bar with no Name. A classic Irish pub, traditional Irish music playing every night and a buzzing atmosphere.

Filthy McNastys

You made it to the last stop! This is directly opposite Five Points with a lovely seated area outside called the secret garden (with heaters AND blankets). For those that want to keep the night going to the small hours head up stairs to their nightclub which does some awesome drink promos and is bouncing!

Lucky number 13 – Lavery’s Bar Belfast

We know there isn’t technically meant to be a 13th stop but we wanted to include this one as an option. It is one of  Belfast’s oldest family owned bars and caters for everyone. There’s a bar downstairs (Front and back), middle floor (which can be playing different music to the top floor) and  Pool Room at the top. We have had some great nights in here! You can have several nights out in here in one night!!

12 pubs christmas pub crawl belfast

12 pubs christmas pub crawl belfast

So thats Belfast done and dusted, if you survive all that your doing well! but if you can’t make it to Belfast this year then lets check out Dublin…

12 pubs bars of christmas pub crawl dublin

12 pubs bars of christmas pub crawl dublin

The 12 Pubs of Christmas Dublin Pub Crawl

Whilst we don’t live in Dublin we visit the capital city at least 2 or 3 times a year and have been to a good few pubs in our time! If you are heading to Dublin over the festive period or you live there yourself (then you will know better than us), there are quite a few routes you can take. We have put two routes together below… and remember our Christmas Pub Crawl lanyards are ideal for keeping your list of pubs in one place – and you can’t lose it because it’s round your Neck!! Unless you lose your head! which is of course very possible at Christmas Time!

12 pubs christmas dublin pub crawl route

12 pubs christmas dublin pub crawl route

12 Pubs of Christmas Dublin – Route 1


Start at Searson’s on Baggot Street, if you haven’t already, give out your lanyards so everyone knows the plan of attack! Get them here…


Bar number two on the list isn’t too far away (same street), all going well so far!


Move to Dawson Street to your third stop, Sam’s Bar.


Anne Street is where you will find your fourth stop, time to get the games going!!

P Macs

Wee bit of walking to take you to P Macs on Stephen Street Lower (beside Drury court on the corner)

Market Bar

You’re half way there! Keep going and don’t be fading on fade street!!


South Great George’s Street is your seventh stop. Might want to make sure everyone is still accounted for on the pub crawl!!

Capitol Lounge

Move on to Aungier street and Capitol Lounge. We have been in this place a few times, word of advice, the cocktail offers may be good but it doesn’t mean you have to drink four all at once…

Against the Grain

You are starting to move into St.Stephen’s Green area to Wexford Street, you could lose a few bodies on the way here (you will see them on Diceys/Copper’s dancefloor for Maniac 2000 anyway, so don’t worry).

The Jar/ Ryan’s/ Flannery’s

Any of these bars are a good shout on Camden Street! You’re definitely in the form for a bit of dancing now..


Move your feet to Harcourt Street to Dicey’s Garden. This is usually where your status moves from drunk to very drunk as you can’t refuse them drink offers!!


AKA Copper Face Jacks! There are no words to describe Coppers, this place is legendary… if you make it to Coppers you have completed the 12 pubs of Christmas Dublin and are probably among the drunkest men and women in Dublin / Ireland that night.


Like we say that is only one route you could take in Dublin, you could probably literally take hundreds, and each group and group of friends will have their own favourite haunts to check. Which is the great thing about our Christmas Pub Crawl lanyards, they are left blank for you to simply fill in your list of 12 pubs and off you go on your festive extravaganza. Below is a few other suggestions for 12 pubs of Dublin but we have no doubt whether you visit 12 pubs or 2 pubs you will have a great night!

12 pubs of christmas dublin pubs route

12 pubs of christmas dublin pubs route

12 pubs of christmas dublin pub crawl guide

12 pubs of christmas dublin pub crawl guide

We hope you enjoy your festive drinks but remember to drink responsibly!! To see more about our 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl lanyards please click here...

12 pubs of christmas pub crawl party favours