Arranging wedding table plans can be a stressful part of organising your big day. By the time you’ve made a final decision about who’s sitting where, you may just feel glad it’s over so you can write up the place name cards and have done with it. This is a shame when you can do so much more with a seating plan! Take the opportunity to be creative and trade in plain and dull looking wedding seating plans for something fun and original. Check out our suggestions and samples below for creating unique and awesome looking wedding table plans.

romantic movies wedding table planner

Paris themed wedding table plan

Echo the theme

The great thing about having a themed wedding is that most elements of your décor instantly fall into place – including the table plan. If you opt for a retro themed wedding for example, you could easily incorporate this into your table plan by choosing appropriate colours and vintage-style fonts like some of the samples below %%%%. Guests will appreciate the level of thought and creativity that went into seating them and will make them feel that they play a big part in your special day. If you have a clear theme in mind for your wedding – run with it. You needn’t settle for a run-of-the-mill notice board to list your guests.

retro wedding table plan

Retro themed wedding table plan – Nonsuch Mansion, Cheam, Surrey

festival wedding table seating plan london

Festival Wedding at The Oakhill Arena, London

retro 80s wedding seating plan

retro 80s wedding seating plan

Celebrate your passion

Since your big day is all about celebrating your union, reflecting your shared passion in your table plan can be a neat idea. Music lovers? Film buffs? Football Fans? Whatever your shared passion, your table plan can reflect this. You could have your seating plan resemble a classic movie poster, listing all your guests as cast members and yourselves as the glamorous leads. Below is a few samples of movie themed wedding table plans we have worked on in the past.

classic movie casablanca wedding seating plan

Classic Movie themed wedding seating plan

movies wedding table planner

movies wedding table planner

alternative wedding table plan movies theme

Cinema themed wedding table plan

For music lovers, festival-style posters can be an inventive way to inform guests of their seating area. Festival themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and on a festival style wedding table plan couples can advertise their day as the ‘event of the year’, and have tag lines like ‘featuring live music, food and special guests’ and much more. Your wedding, after all, is one of the most memorable events in your life so it makes sense to announce it with pride. Listing your guests under different headings as if they were live acts can really spice up a seating plan and emphasise your wedding as an exclusive experience that can’t be missed.

festivals wedding table plan

festival wedding table plan

orange colour music festival wedding table plan

music festival wedding seating planner

rock and roll themed wedding table plan

rock and roll themed wedding table plan

Reflect the location

Your actual wedding venue can inspire your table plan design. A festival wedding could, for instance, display the names of guests under bands or artists or beneath the names of famous festivals like Glastonbury, Woodstock, Reading and Leeds. In the same vein, a seaside wedding ceremony or beach wedding could let you organise tables into beach names or if you have traveled a bit you could name your tables after locations you both have visited, the options are endless. Adding creative, personal touches like this is what can elevate the atmosphere at weddings and make friends and family feel more closely connected to each of you on your special day.

beach vw campervan wedding table seating plan

VW Campervan / Seaside Wedding Table Plan – Glengorm Castle

ibiza wedding table plan

ibiza wedding table plan

festival wedding bogbain farm inverness

Festival Wedding Table Plan – Bogbain Farm, Inverness

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