Festival Themed Wedding Invitations – This couple contacted me at the end of last year telling me that they had liked one of my previous Festival Themed Wedding Invitations which was the whimsical wedding invite you can find under the wedding invitations section. They loved the rolling fields and huge cloudy sky with the festival flags planted on the hills and the long grass, flowers and daisies in the foreground. In that design I didnt include any reference to music festivals (except for the flags) as the couple wanted a more countryside feel to the Invite.

festival themed wedding invitations

This new couple loved loved everything about the design except that is was missing the music festival imagery, but they also didn’t want to spoil what was going on with the design. They wanted to incorporate the theme of a music festival into the design without it taking over.

festival ticket wedding invitations

The invites were made as festival ticket wedding invitations so the RSVP stub was detachable like a festival ticket stub, so that guests could easily tear off the RSVP quickly fill it in and reply to the bride and groom.

festival tickets wedding invites

If you like the look of these festival themed wedding invitations please look around the rest of the site and if you like more information on these wedding invites or any of the festival themed wedding stationery on this site please click here to get in touch.