Festival Themed 40th Birthday Invite – Last year we designed and made a lot of themed birthday party invites and as you can guess alot of them were festival themed birthday party invites. Lots of of customers have been throwing big festival style parties to celebrate kids birthdays, joint family birthdays or mile stone birthdays such as 18th, 21st, 40th, 50th etc.

Amanda and Ben got in touch after seeing some of our festival themed birthday invites and wanted something similar for theie own joint 40th birthday party. For the party they were having it outside in a large festival tent and wanted the party invite to create the idea of a festival flyer. They called their event PUGHFEST and the below design was the invitation we designed for them.

Festival Birthday Party Invite

Festival Birthday Party Invite

The couple wanted to represent their family in the invitation somehow so at the front of the tents we have a silhouette of the couple with their 3 children.

If you like the look of this festival themed birthday invitation and are planning a festival party of your own or just want more information on our range of birthday party invites and stationery please click here to get in touch.