Festival Camping Wedding Invites – After music the thing most common with music festivals is camping. At every festival all over the world millions and millions of people pitch their tents for a weekend of partying at festivals all over. So its unsurprising that these days many people who are hosting festival weddings are going the hole hog and making their festival wedding as authentic as possible and are having camping at their wedding.

festival camping wedding invitation

And it makes total sense, you are getting married in a field, you love music festivals, you all have tents, what better way to party and celebrate your wedding day than your own personal festival. This couple like many others I have been working with over the years are doing just that and they wanted to make a feature of it on their wedding invitations so that there is no mistake – bring your tent if you are staying the night.

camping themed wedding

The couples wedding is by a river so they named their wedding RIVERSIDE WEDFEST 2014 and they wanted me to create the feel of a proper festival campsite on their wedding invitation. These camping themed wedding invites look really cool and everyone going to this wedding knows to bring their tents and get ready for a party.

tents camping festival wedding invites

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