Hen Party Accessories

Bride Tribe Hen / Bachelorette Party VIP Lanyard Passes

Bride Tribe Hen Party / Bachelorette Party VIP Lanyards The latest product to join our range of Hen Party Accessories and in particular our Bride Tribe Hen Party Accessories is these beautiful Bride Tribe VIP Lanyards. bride tribe hen party accessories After the great feedback from our Bride Tribe wristbands and Bride Tribe invitations the next step was [...]

Bride Tribe Hen / Bachelorette Party Invitations

Bride Tribe Hen Party Invitations Today we want to introduce our new range of generic Bride Tribe Hen Party / Bachelorette Party Invitations. After the great feedback and response from our range of Bride Tribe Wristbands we decided to compliment the wristbands we needed to offer a set of invitations for bride to be's to ask their hen's and bachelorette [...]

Alternative Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery

Alternative Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery from Wedfest If you are familiar with our website you will know that Wedfest specialise in a huge range of awesome, amazing and quite frankly super cool alternative wedding invitations and wedding stationery. This website is full of amazing wedding invitation designs and inspiration and we are constantly adding new and exciting designs. As [...]

Video of our Wedding Stationery at Quirky Weddings

A couple of weeks ago Wedfest was exhibiting at the Quirky Weddings Alternative Wedding Fair in Belfast. We made this short video of our wedding display stand and thought you might like to see it. It shows a quick run through of most of our most popular wedding stationery. Photos of this also to follow... Enjoy.... Wedfest Festival and Themed [...]

Bride Tribe Hen Party Wristbands

Bride Tribe Hen Party Wristbands - It’s something of a perk of the job that we at Wedfest get to spend the majority of our year up to our elbows in mud, celebrating seriously sentimental nuptials with a poncho in one hand and a disposable camera in the other, and there’s no joy quite like combining the fun of a [...]

Bridesmaid Hen Party Wristbands

Bridesmaid Hen Party Wristbands - Our range of Hen Party Festival Style Wristbands have been a huge hit amongst all you hen arties out there and we are adding more styles all the time. So far we have several versions for 'Girls on Tour', 'Girls Night Out', 'Henfest' in two different colours, 'Bachelorette Party', 'Team Bride' and 'Bride to Be' [...]

Hen Party Wristbands modelled by beautiful Festival Hen’s

Our range of festival style Hen Party Wristbands and Hen Party VIP Passes have been going down a storm with hen parties and festival hen's all over the world. The girls are loving the Henfest Wristbands, as well as the Girls on Tour Wristbands, Girls Night Out Wristbands and of course the Bride to be Be wristbands for the most important [...]

Henfest Hen Party Wristbands

Glamorous wristbands for adventurous Hens With the big day fast approaching and your diary (and perhaps brain) no doubt spilling over with information about wedding seating plans, venue measurements, rehearsal schedules, shoe sizes and all manner of other wedding day essentials, it can be hard to find the time to stop, relax, and remember that you need to have a [...]

Hen Party Holiday Wristbands

Hen Party Holiday Wristbands - It may be nearing December and the summer might seem like a distance memory, or a long way off depending on what way you view it, but the winter is the perfect time to start planning for summer! Lots and lots of customers are busying themselves over the winter getting ready for their summer weddings, [...]

Stag Party Wristbands

Stag Do Wristbands - Lads we didn't forget you. With the success of our range of Hen Party and Hen Do Wristbands we have had several emails from the boys wondering when the Stag Do Wristbands were going to arrive! Well we are happy to say they are here at last!  These Stag Party Wristbands are totally generic so can be [...]

Hen Party VIP Lanyards

Hen Party VIP Lanyards - A while back we launched our range of festival style Hen Party Wristbands and its fair to say all your ladies out there loved them and the love for them continues. While we were getting interest in the wristbands there also was many requests for similar festival style Hen Party Lanyards for the girls to wear on [...]

Hen Party Wristbands

hen party wristbands Hen Party Wristbands - Summer is here! The sun is shining, school is nearly finished, holidays are on the horizon, good times are just a round the corner and festival season is well and truly under way and luckily we at Wedfest are on our way to Glastonbury Festival! It's also peak time for Hen Parties [...]