Personalised Wedding Wristbands

Personalised Wedding Wristbands – We have being doing ALOT of personalised wedding wristbands lately for festival weddings, boho weddings, and all sorts of themed weddings. The wedding wristbands can pretty much have whatever colours, style and text you want. For this set of wedding wristbands the couple wanted to have a quote which read – “A celebration of life, love and everything else” which you have to say looks super cool in the photos below.

wedding wristbands

For the ends of the wristband the couple had their names and wedding date. These woven wedding wristbands are a great wedding favour for your guests and are a great keepsake for them to take away from the wedding. You can put any message you want on them as long as it fits and the range of colours is endless. These ones look particularly beautiful with a mix of orange, khaki and pink. For the woven wristbands you can use up to a maximum of 8 colours.

custom personalised wedding wristbands

If you like the look of these personalised wristbands and would like more information about getting them for your wedding or event please click here to get in touch.