WEDROCK Rock n Roll Wedding Invites – Aside from the beautiful day, lovely flowers, nice dresses and all the pretty parts, getting married is possibly the most Rock n’ Roll thing you will ever do and the one day of your life where you will be treated like a Rockstar and the most important person on the planet. Which is only right of course as after all this is your Big Day and you only get one go at it (most people šŸ˜‰ ) so you have to make sure its the most Rock n Roll totally awesome unforgettable most amazing day of your life!!! And to do that every detail of your wedding needs to be given the same attention. Forget about putting on a lovely dinner in a fancy hotel, yes its important but really people (including yourself) are there to have a good time, let their hair down (if that have any) dance, drink, eat, party and rock all night long! If that sounds like your kind of wedding day then you have to set the scene and these WEDROCK Wedding Invites are just the ticket! Literally, they are tickets!!

rock n roll type wedding invitation

Rock ‘n’ Roll Wedding Invitation

Bart and Nathalie from Antwerp, Belgium got in touch with Wedfest after seeing some of our awesome Rock n Roll themed wedding invitations and wanted something as cool for their own wedding invites and of course they came to the right place!

Tattoo Wedding Invites

Tattoo Wedding Invites

The couple wanted their wedding invitation design to be very Rock n Roll, featuring the colours black, red and white, also featuring images of skulls, roses, hearts and tattoo’s, and they also wanted to call it WEDROCK 2015! which of course sounds amazing and looks amazing written down. With all that in mind we started to design their wedding invites.

WEDROCK Wedding Invites

WEDROCK Wedding Invites

The most important part of these design was going to be the typeface for the main WedRock text as this was going to stand out and needed to look and feel really rock and roll like it was lifted straight from a rock concert poster. The font choice was perfect and also looked fantastic for the wedding date written in Belgian giving the designs a very european vintage rock poster look.

rock n roll wedding invites

Rock n Roll Wedding Invites

For the main body of the design a large tattoo style image was used featuring a heart with two arrows through it, roses and flames in the background and wings either side of the heart, really rock n roll looking and more so than that really, really cool looking. The couples names also featured on the tattoo. The couple later got this image made into fake tattoo’s for their guests on their wedding day.

rock n roll tattoo themed wedding invites

Rock ‘N’ Roll Tattoo Themed Wedding Invites

The wedding invites were ticket style with a tear off ticket stub so that wedding guestsĀ could write the names of songs they wanted to hear at the wedding and they could hand the stubs with the requests to the DJ at the wedding. On the front of the stubs there was another tattoo style heart design again with arrows piercing the heart and the word Love along banner on the front.

wedrock rock n roll wedding

wedrock rock n roll wedding

These wedding invites are perfect for any Rock ‘n’ Roll couples or anyone planning a Rock n Roll wedding and the designs can easily be carried through to the rest of the wedding stationery such as table plans, wristbands, menus etc.

If you like the look of theseĀ WEDROCK Rock n Roll Wedding Invitations and want more information about these or getting a bespoke design made for your upcoming rock and roll nuptials then please click here to get in touch and lets put the ROCK into your WEDROCK!