Rock n’ Roll Wedding Invites and Wedding Stationery – I teased this Rock Festival Themed Wedding Stationery a few months back and here it is in all its Rock n’ Roll glory! The couple Gemma & James had contacted me after seeing some of my other rock n’ roll wedding invites and wanted me to create them some unique and ‘rocking’ for their rock n’ roll themed wedding.

sugar skull rock n roll wedding invites

Gemma had liked some of the previous rock n’ roll themed wedding designs I had done using skulls, she wanted to include Sugar Skulls in their stationery designs as she was going to use sugar skulls in the wedding day decorations. The colours for the invites were to be red, black and yellow and they wanted ticket style wedding invites with a perforated RSVP stub.

rock n roll wedding invites

For the design of the wedding invites I had two large sugar skulls, one to represent the bride and one for the groom. At the very top the text reads GEMJAM PRESENTS (which is their made up production company name, an amalgamation of Gemma & James), and then below in large white text it says WEDDING FESTIVAL 2014 in a rock style typeface. Below this is the date and location of the wedding. In the background there is a large red and yellow sunburst with some grunge style scratches all throughout the background and more sugar skulls mixed into the background. In front of this is the silhouette of a rock concert crowd with their hands in the air, the crowds are in red and black with skulls faded over the top of the silhouettes.

sugar skulls rock n roll wedding invitations

As the invites were ticket style invitations they have a perforated RSVP stub at one side which the guests could easily detach and send back to the couple.

rock n roll wedding invitations

On the reverse side of the RSVP card there was options for the wedding guests to accept or decline the invitation and on the wedding day invitees there was an option to write a note about any dietary requirements the wedding guests may have. These came with pre addressed RSVP envelopes so the guests simply had to pop the card in the envelope and put it in the post, super easy!!

rock and roll wedding invites

The reverse side of the invitation had further and fuller details of the wedding including guest names, addresses, times, wedding gift information etc.

rock n roll wedding wristbands

For the day of the wedding I made the couple awesome rock festival style wristbands for their wedding guests.

wedding wristbands

The wedding wristbands were totally amazing. They featured the wording WEDDING FESTIVAL 2014 over the main area of the wristband and had the wording GEMJAM PRESENTS on one tail and the date SAT 23 AUGUST on the other. On both ends of the wristband once again we had the Sugar Skulls and the detailing on them was amazing as you can see in the photos above and below. The background of the wristbands followed the background of the wedding invites with the red and yellow stripes.

woven fabric rock festival wedding wristbands

The rock festival style wristbands are an awesome addition to any rock festival wedding or festival themed wedding and as you can see in the photos the finish and detail on them is top class and they really make your guests feel like they are part of an awesome event!

For the wedding reception I made them couple a super cool rock n roll wedding table plan. Using all the same design elements from the earlier invitation designs I carried the same theme and styling through. For the wedding tables they named them after their favourite rock and metal bands such as Metallica, Faith No More, Deftones, The Rolling Stones, Alice in Chains etc.

rock n roll wedding seating plan

Below is a photo of the rock festival wedding seating plan printed and framed ready for displaying at the wedding reception.

rock festival wedding seating plan

To match the wedding table plan I also made individual wedding table number cards for each of the tables to correspond with the seating plan design and to help the wedding guests easily find their tables.

rock festival wedding stationery table numbers

This has been one of my favourite projects to work on to date. I absolutely loved the couples design brief and was excited to see what I came up with and what the end result was. I think you will agree this rock n’ roll wedding stationery stands on its own and I have yet to see anything as cool (well apart from our other wedding stationery of course). If you are planning a rock festival themed wedding or want more information on our rock n’ roll wedding invites or rock festival wristbands, or any of the wedding stationery you see here please click here to get in touchFOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK / WE SALUTE YOU!!