Cinema Movie Ticket Wedding Invitations – Early this year Louise and Neil contacted me looking for me to design them some vintage cinema ticket style wedding invitations for their forthcoming wedding. The main thing was they wanted the to be vintage looking in style and have a slight violet colour running through the design as this was the colour of the bridesmaid dresses and the colour that would run through the wedding.

movie ticket wedding invitations

I looked at lots of vintage movie tickets and vintage cinema tickets and also more up to date styles and tried to take the best bits from all of these designs to use for the wedding invites. The first design I arrived (see at the bottom of this post) wasn’t exactly what the couple wanted so I went back and redesigned the invites keeping some elements and changing others that the couple didn’t like for example some of the fonts.

cinema ticket wedding invitations

There was lots of small details on the wedding invites which added to the tickets and movie themes. The ticket number was the date of the wedding, Neil’s name was in the style of the Indiana Jones logo, there was clapper boards and movie quotes, all the extra little details that make the invitation design special.

vintage cinema movie ticket wedding invitations

The movie ticket wedding invites are in the style of an old cinema ticket so they feature a perforated ticket stub just like you would get at the cinema or movie theatre. The wedding guests could then fill in this ticket stub and send it back to the couple, confirming that they are attending the wedding or not and also giving the couple other information they needed, such as do the wedding guests want seats on the wedding bus.

vintage movie ticket wedding invitations

On the reverse side of the invites there is a terms and conditions (much like you would find on the back of a convert ticket) which has further information on the wedding such as parking information, hotel information and much more.

vintage movie cinema ticket wedding invites

Below is the original design of the vintage cinema ticket wedding invitations I designed for this couple. I still love this design so I am posting it up here for you to see the variations that can be made with these movie ticket wedding invitation designs. Like all the designs at WEDFEST everything is totally customisable, so if you see something you like but would like to change it slightly that is fine just tell us what you want and we will do it.

movie ticket wedding invites

For the day of the wedding to keep the movie theme running the couple ordered one of my VHS Movie Themed Wedding Table Plans. If you haven’t seen these before then feast your eyes below… These movie themed wedding table plans feature a stack of VHS video tapes in a total old school style like you would have found in your house or your mum and dads house (depending on your age of course 🙂 ) back in the day before DVDs came into production. The video tapes always had loads of writing on them with the names of movies etc. that your Dad has recorded (or ‘Taped’) from the TV.

movie themed wedding table plan

The VHS tapes all feature legendary movies that the couple loved, many of them 80’s classic movies such as The Goonies, ET, Pretty Woman, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, The NeverEnding Story and many more. Underneath each of the movie names was the guest names who were sitting at that corresponding table.

cinema tickets wedding invites

If you like the look of these Cinema Movie Ticket Wedding Invitations or want some movie themed wedding stationery, or if you are interested in any of the wedding stationery on this website please click here to get in touch.