Festival Themed Bar Mitzvah Invites

Festival Themed Bar Mitzvah Invites – At Wedfest as well as weddings we also cater to all sorts of events such as birthday parties, corporate events and much more. One of the most popular events these days is Bar Mitzvahs & Bat Mitzvahs. Young people these days don’t want run of the mill invites for their Bar & Bat Mitzvahs so at Wedfest we have been designing some super cool festival themed Bar Mitzvah invites.

festival theme bar mitzvah invite

Festival theme Bar Mitzvah invite

Simon and his family Arizona, got in touch with Wedfest looking for exactly this. They wanted a festival themed Bar Mitzvah invite for Simons big day. They wanted to call the invite to the Bar MitzvahSIMONFEST‘. The front of the Bar Mitzvah Invitation featured a festival style design with loads of colour and the large text saying SIMONFEST right at the top just like it would in a music festival poster. The bottom half of the invitation contained further information such as the date of the Bar Mitzvah and the address of the party to follow.

cool bar mitzvah invitations

cool bar mitzvah invitations

On the reverse side of the invitation was the fuller details of the invite and the days events, including times, addresses, RSVP information etc. all keeping within the festival style design. These Bar Mitzvah Invites are really cool and would certainly get your guests excited for the day.

Festival Bar Mitzvah Invites

Festival Bar Mitzvah Invites

Above is another example of a Bar Mitzvah Invite we designed recently. These ones were made in the style of festival VIP lanyards and again these are extremely cool. The lanyards featured 2 cards. One was the main invitation and details card and the other was an RSVP card.

As you can see there can be a whole lot of fun to be had with Bat Mitzvah Invites and Bar Mitzvah Invites, so if you want something awesome designed for your invites or stationery please click here to get in touch.