D-Day Themed Wedding Table Plan – We are always harping on about how its not just festival and music themed wedding stationery we make here at Wedfest, but basically any theme you want really and this summer we have made alot wedding stationery of very different types of themes, from Music themed wedding stationery to Arnold Schwarzenegger themed wedding stationery!! yes you read that right!! stay tuned for more on that soon. But the choice of theme is down to the customer and it is up to Wedfest to bring it to life.

Debbie and Joe got in touch after seeing lots of our wedding table plans and they were looking for a D-DAY themed wedding table plan. They wanted to base on the D-Day beach landings. They named their wedding tables after the beaches such as Utah, Omaha and code names such as Operation Overlord etc. As part of the design they wanted to include reference to the battle plan map and include some photos from the event. D-Day was also a code name for Debbies Day 🙂

D-Day themed wedding table plan

D-Day themed wedding table plan

So we did our research and set out designing and the result you can above turned out really well and the couple were delighted with the result.

If you have an idea that you think is strange, silly or un-doable please click here to get in touch with us and lets discuss it and see if we can bring it to life.