Festival season ahoy!

Here at Wedfest, we can’t help but notice that the sun has had his hat on over the last few weeks, and we’ve been feeling the overwhelming temptation to pull out our tasselled T-shirts and scrunch our hair à la Kate Moss ready for all the fun summer events about to kick off. To us, the summer sunshine is synonymous with great music, groups of friends, hilarious memories, and of course our trusted wellingtons – and that got us excited for our other favourite thing involving music, friends and memories (although admittedly the wellies may look out of place) – summer weddings! If watching that sparkler you’re dragging around glistening in the sun has inspired you to try out a summer wedding, have you explored the festival theme?

wedfest festival wedding invite

Adam & Kiera’s Wedfest festival wedding invite

We’re the first to admit that we may have spent way too much time in the past scrapbooking crazy wedding themes with a good song on the vinyl player, but luckily it has led us to being able to offer our alternative brides the most rock ‘n’ roll wedding accessories on the market! One of our bestsellers by far is our festival ticket wedding invites, the perfect predecessor to the music-mad wedding of the year. We think it’s the perfect way to give guests a hint of what to expect from a truly original couple, and we’re proud to say very few of our festival RSVPs ever come back negative!

Chris & Hayley's Boho Festival Wedding Invite

Chris & Hayley’s Boho Festival Wedding Invite

We offer our coveted festival wedding invitations (perfect keepsakes, may we humbly add) in many different themes for brides of differing tastes two of which are very popular. We have a calm and collected pastel number complete with greenery, flags, and all things boho, which we think is perfect for the flower-clad, ethereal brides we cannot get enough of lately, as seen in Chris Hayley’s beautiful boho festival wedding invitations below.

pastel wedfest festival wedding

Pastel Wedfest Festival Wedding

We also have something with a grittier tone for those expecting the night event to really be the party of the century! This features a rockin’ stage and wild crowd, and comes complete with the suggestion that you may be up all night. Hey, don’t hold us responsible for the after hours fun – we only help invite people to it!

wedfest wedding invitation

wedfest wedding invitation

For Adam and Kiera’s Wedfest 2016 wedding invites (above and below) you can see how we changed the colours of the evening invites to create more of an early evening sunset vibe, just how it would look at an actual music festival (well as long as it wasn’t raining of course)

wedfest festival theme wedding invitation

Wedfest Festival Theme Wedding Invitation

We think creating a totally original wedding package is part of expressing the real you and we’re proud to support the far-out dreams of cool couples the country over. We think our wedfest festival wedding invites are kick-ass all on their own, but team them with our matching wedfest festival themed table plans and you’ve got yourself a theme you and your guests will be mad about.


wedfest wedding table seating plan

wedfest wedding table seating plan

For your Wedfest wedding table plan you could choose a bold and colourful style design such as Adam & Kiera’s table plan in which they chose their favourite bands for their wedding table names. Or if you fancy something a bit more subtle, something along the lines of Chris and Hayley’s Boho Wedding Seating plan might be more suited to your day. Whatever style you choose rest assured your guests will be blown away by any of these fabulous seating plan designs.

pastel boho festival wedding table plan

pastel boho festival wedding table plan

Really fancy spicing up the party? How about offering your wedding guests festival style wristbands to make it feel ultra exclusive and totally authentic – offer a token gift to whoever can leave theirs on the longest!

wedfest wedding wristband

wedfest wedding wristband

If you’re leaning towards unorthodox nuptials and would like to know how we can add a bit of punch to your big day, or if you just think these wedfest wedding invitations totally rock and need them to be part to your wedding please click here to get in touch today!