Festival Wristband Wedding Favours

Festival Wristband Wedding Favours – If you are planning a festival wedding there is only one wedding favour idea that should be on the table and that is festival wristbands for your wedding guests.

custom fabric wedding wristbands

Custom Fabric Wedding Wristbands

Festival wristbands are as much about music festivals as the music is. Walk up any high street or go into any bar or club and you can be guaranteed it wont take long to spot some music loving fans sporting a wristband from a recent festival. Its like wearing a t-shirt that screams ‘I’ve been to Glastonbury’ without actually having to wear the t-shirt. In many cases you will see people wearing many festival wristbands,¬†but lets be honest there is no need to be still wearing you Reading 2008 festival wristband, let your wrist see the sun for a while ūüôā But wristbands are like an unspoken connection to people that have been to music festivals and in some ways a way of identifying like minded people out there in the ‘real world’.

personalised festival wristbands

So the importance of a good festival wristband is paramount. The last thing you want after shelling out £500 for a trip to Benicassim is to get there and be given a crappy vinyl wristband! No way! I want my woven fabric wristband, clamped so tight to your wrist the blood is just about flowing, and when I get home and finally wriggle it off by dislocating your thumb you can proudly use it as a key ring or display it with your many other prized festival memories.

festival wedding wristbands

festival wedding wristbands

So yes a personalised festival wristband is the only wedding favour to be considering (as well as the festival lanyard program) for your wedding. And at Wedfest we can make some truly beautiful wedding festival wristbands for all you festival brides and grooms.

custom wedding fabric wristbands

These custom wristbands are totally personalised to your needs. You can choose the colour and text and tell us what you want it to look like and we will design it, really simple, and as you can see from the photos the end results are fantastic.

There is many ways to give your wedding guests the festival wristband wedding favours. You can simply leave the wristbands on their dinner plate like seen in the photo below…

Festival Wristband Wedding Favours

Festival Wristband Wedding Favours

or this super cute way of which is having the wristbands fastened around¬†the wedding champagne glasses for when your guests arrive. Once they are given their welcome glass of champagne or wine¬†at the wedding reception¬†the wristband will be on the glass so they simply have to remove it and slip it on to their wrist…

festival wedding favours

Festival Wedding Favours

You could have the wristbands displayed at the entrance to the wedding or wedding reception in a cool little bucket like the photo below and have the groomsmen give them to wedding guests or have a sign saying ‘please take one’ etc.

cool wedding favours

Or what alot of couples do is simply send out the wristbands with their wedding invitations and tell their guests to wear the wristbands on the day, kind of like their entrance wristband, and remember – No Wristband, No Entry!!

festival wedding wristband favours

festival wedding wristband favours

Not only do these cool fabric wristbands¬†make the wedding a bit more fun for the guests, it will show just how much thought you put into the wedding, not only that but they look god damn awesome too! Everyone will feel part of a special group, and when you are all out in the pub the day after the wedding, a sneaky look at someones wrist and it will be easy to spot who has been to an event and who hasn’t!!

wedfest fabric wristbands

For a festival wedding these festival wristband wedding favours¬†are a must! There is no two ways about it and no convincing is needed! Click here to find out how to order some and give your wedding guests a wedding keepsake they will never forget and make them feel like VIP’s.