Custom Festival Wedding Wristbands

Custom Festival Wedding Wristbands – At WEDFEST we LOVE Festival Wristbands and we love making them for your festival weddings. We created tons of festival wristbands for weddings this summer and we will try and get as many of them on the website over the coming weeks. This set was for a couple called Dish & Anna who held their wedding WEDFEST at the end of August.

custom festival weddings wristbands

The guys got in touch looking for the custom festival wedding wristbands and explained that they wanted a green, navy and white colour scheme. For the main text on the wristband they wanted it to simply say WEDFEST in large letters on the main part of the wristband in the middle which would go over the wrist.

wedfest custom personalised-festival wedding wristbands

For the two tails of the wristbands on one side they wanted their names and then on the other they wanted their wedding date which was the 30th August 2014. For the colours we used various shades of greens, blues white and navy and brought it to life using stripes and bunting elements throughout the background design of the fabric wristbands. They turned out super cool and as you can see in the photos look totally awesome when worn.

custom festival wedding wristbands

The festival wedding wristbands are fastened with a metal ring which can easily adjusted to any size of wrist and can be easily tightened and loosened if the person wearing it wishes to remove it.

custom wedding wristbands

These Custom Festival Wedding Wristbands turned out great and we have many, many, many more designs to show you so if you are interested in getting some Custom Personalised Wristbands for your wedding or event please stay tuned to the website for more designs in the coming days and weeks.

For more information on ordering festival wedding wristbands please click here to get in touch.