Rock Concert Wedding Invitations – Elaine and Craig got in touch with me a few months back telling me that they loved my concert ticket wedding invitations and wanted something similar but with a more hard rock edge as they were rock music fans and regularly attended hard rock festivals such as Download etc. So basically they wanted a rock concert wedding invitation.

rock concert wedding invitations

rock n roll wedding invitations

They wanted the colours of red, dark green and black used which are widely used in rock concert posters and advertising. This was an invitation I very much enjoyed designing as it was a step aside from bright colours, flowers and the general nice things that are associated with music festivals.

rock concert wedding invitation

So after designing the rock n roll style logo for the wedding festival which they named OUR BIG DAY I wanted to do something cool with the names of the bride and groom. I wanted them to look like the two headliners of a rock concert or rock festival so I designed them both their own rock n roll style band logo’s, and it has to be said these look really cool!! Elaine thought her one was very ‘Glam Rock’. These worked great and it really started to feel like a proper rock concert ticket.

rock concert wedding invites

rock n roll concert wedding invitations

Once I had the logo’s and colours in place I decided I need something hard edge to put in the background, and after a bit of looking around and alot of thought I decided upon a Tiger! yeah thats right a Tiger on an wedding invitation! and not in a spiritual way, in a all out ROCK N ROLL TIGER!!! and I have to say it lent itself perfectly to the design I was working on…

rock concert wedding invite

For the evening invitations or after party tickets I flipped the colours to have the red as the main colour and again this worked great with the backgrounds and logos I had already created.

rock concert ticket wedding invitations

These invitations turned out amazing. Just like the other concert ticket wedding invitations I have designed they have the perforated RSVP Ticket stub so that the guests can tear of and reply to the wedding invite. This really gives the wedding invitations the real feel of a proper rock concert ticket.

download festival wedding invitations

rock concert ticket wedding invite

rock n roll concert ticket wedding invitations

These guys are a proper rock n roll bride and groom and im sure their wedding day will be a full on rock n roll wedding! If you like what you have seen here and would like more information about getting your own rock concert wedding invitations or if you are having a festival wedding or any type of themed wedding for that fact please click here to get in touch and see how I can help you create wedding invitations and wedding stationery for YOUR BIG DAY!