Keep Calm and Carry On themed wedding invites – These super cool looking wedding invites were created for couple who wanted their wedding invites to feature a parody of the famous keep calm and carry on posters which are extremely popular world wide.

keep calm carry on wedding invitations

The original keep calm and carry on posters were designed by the british government to raise morale during the second world war. Since that time the posters have taken on a life of their own and can be seen everywhere on Mugs, t-shirts, and pretty much anything you can think of, and of course wedding invitations.

keep calm wedding invitations

For the design of these invites I used a vintage wood style background and had the letters in large white text against a red background which is the classic colours used in the keep calm and carry on posters. The text for the front of the wedding invite reads KEEP CALM its just a WEDDING INVITE.

keep calm themed wedding invites

On the reverse side of the invitation there is further details of the wedding including names, dates, venues, times etc. To go along with the invites I also designed RSVP postcards following the same design theme, so that the wedding guests could easily RSVP to the soon to be married couple.

keep calm wedding invites

These keep calm wedding invites can be made in all sorts of sizes and have any colour or text you want just ask for more information when ordering.

keep calm carry on wedding invites

If you like the look of these Keep Calm and Carry On Wedding invites or are looking for some keep calm themed wedding stationery please click here to get in touch.