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Why have Festival Themed Wedding Stationery for your wedding?

WEDFEST was born out of a need to gather up all the festival themed wedding stationery I have designed and put it in the one place. I have been designing wedding stationery for a while now and lately I have been getting more and more requests from music loving couples and Rock n Roll Brides to design their wedding stationery in a festival theme, so I have set up a separate website to showcase this work individually. To visit my main website click here…

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Festival theme wedding stationery and rock n roll wedding stationery is very popular nowadays, and Its not surprising! A majority of people who are getting married are at an age where music festivals have been their whole life up to now, and now it is their turn to throw a massive party and invite all their guests to come and party the way they choose! So its easy to see why people would combine their wedding with a festival theme, both are great celebrations and coming together of people, and not just 2 people but 100’s of people!

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Weddings and festivals have so much in common its unreal, people plan for months to attend both, people take off work to attend both, people get certain outfits organised for both, both have various means of accommodation  you go to both to see your favourite people, you dance all night at both, you can meet people at both, you could meet your future husband or wife at both, you can get drunk at both, you can make an idiot of yourself at both, you can take away amazing lifetime memories from both, you will talk about both for a long time, you will look forward to the next one… the list is endless!! which is exactly why people want to use their wedding day to reflect their love of festivals, music and people! There is a wonderful sense of community and fun at festivals, and this often brings people together, allowing them to lose inhibitions. At festivals, you are able to meet people who live half a world away – and maybe this is what brought the two of you together, and created the spark in your relationship!

Taking inspiration from music festivals for your wedding stationery is a great idea and a great source of inspiration if you and your significant other love music.

Question 1:

Do you go to concerts more than you go out to dinner?

Question 2:

Do you own more records than you own clothes?

Question 3:

Are you more worried about your wedding’s setlist than its guest list?

If so, then music festivals are probably a wonderful source of inspiration for your celebration!

Look you have already made up your mind thats why you are here so stop thinking about it and click here to get in touch!!


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