Classic Books Wedding Invitations

Classic Books Wedding Invitations – As well as festival and rock and roll weddings I have worked on a few literary and book themed weddings. Book Themed Weddings and Book Themed Wedding Invitations have long been a very popular choice with book lovers and those couples who wish to add a literary theme to their wedding day. I have worked on many book themed wedding invites for bookish couples and had great fun working book themes into their wedding stationery.

Many couples these days are getting married in all sorts of venues and one which is very popular for book overs is to get married in a Library. Library Weddings have become more and more popular in recent years and it is the perfect answer for couples who have a love for all things literature.

With book themed wedding invites it lets the couple have a lot of input on the wedding invitation design. They can pick their own book title which could be a quote from their favourite book, or they can make up their own title which is a reflection of their lives together or something that means something special to them. I also have made book wedding invitations with several insert pages which contain all the wedding information so it even more so looks like a real book.

A book themed wedding can have all sorts of stationery that carries the book them through. You can see here a few examples of bookmark wedding save the dates, a book themed wedding table plan and a few examples of classic books themed wedding invites.

If you are book lovers and are having book themed wedding or a Literary Wedding and are interested in book wedding invitations or any wedding theme that you have seen on this website or any theme that you are considering for your wedding day please click here to get in touch and see what we can do for you.